Fluke 700P00 Differential Module

Category: Calibrators
Range 1.000 in. H2O / 0.25 kPa
Resolution 0.001 / 0.0002
Reference Uncertainty (23 ± 3°C) 0.300%
Total1 Uncertainty 1 year 0.300
High Side Media2 Dry
Low Side Media2 Dry

1 Total uncertainty, one year for temperature range 0°C + 50°C. Total uncertainty, 1.0% of full span for temperature range - 10°C to 0°C.
2 "Dry" indicates dry air or non-corrosive gas as compatible media. "316 SS" indicates media compatible with Type 316 Stainless Steel. "C276" indicates media compatible with Hastelloy C276. 

Use With:

Fluke 744 Documenting Process
Calibrator with HART
Fluke 741, 743, 741B, and 743B Documenting Process Calibrators
Fluke 725 Multifunction Calibrator
Fluke 716, 717, and 718 Pressure Calibrators
Fluke 5520A Calibrator


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