Fluke DTX-1800 DTX CableAnalyzer™ Series Digital Cable Analyzer

DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer Series from Fluke Networks is the testing platform for today - and tomorrow. This revolutionary new future-proof platform significantly reduces total time to certify by improving every aspect of the testing process.

It all starts with 9-second Cat 6 Autotest that means you can meet TIA-568-B and ISO 11801:2002 certification requirements and receive structured cabling warranties much faster than ever before. With all this speed also comes increased accuracy. The DTX is the only independently verified tester to obtain UL classification for ISO Accuracy Level IV. And, the DTX 10 Gig Copper Kit together with DTX-1800 delivers on the promise of a future-proof investment - measuring 10 Gig cabling performance and Alien Crosstalk (ANEXT and AFEXT) in full compliance with the industry standards to 500 MHz. The AC Wiremap feature validates twisted-pair cabling for Power over Ethernet services in accordance with TIA/EIA standards, even if a Midspan power supply is used. With the DTX Series, you're ready for whatever the world throws at you - today and tomorrow. DTX - it's all about time™.

DTX CableAnalyzer Series Selection Guide
Model DTX1800 DTX1200
Cat 6 Autotest time (seconds) 9 9
Maximum bandwidth (MHz) 900 350
Accuracy level IV IV
Color display
Stores graphical results data
Internal memory capacity (graphical Cat 6) 250 250
Removable memory card interface
Cat 6 graphical results for each of 32 MB multiple 600 600
Lithium ion batteries – battery life 12 hours 12 hours
Advanced diagnostics
AC Wire Map capability
USB interface
Serial interface
Cat 6A permanent link adapter
Cat 6 channel adapter
Accepts resident fiber module
Start autotest at smart remote
Talk between main and smart remote  
DTX Compact OTDR Module option option
Fiber Loss/Length Test Module
(multimode, singlemode, or gigabit multimode)
option option
Fiber Compact OTDR Module option option
DTX 10 Gig Kit option n/a
Network Service Module option option
Patch Cord Test Adapters option option
Class F Adapters option n/a
Coax Cable Test Adapters option option
Multimedia memory card option
USB cable
Serial computer interface cable option
Talk headset
Carrying case
Model DTX1800 DTX1200
• = Feature or accessory is available in the standard product configuration
n/a = The feature is not available; the accessory is not applicable
option = The accessory can be purchased as an optional item.


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