7001-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Category: Carbon Dioxide

With built-in sensors, the Telaire 7001 CO2 Monitor is a stand-alone device that detects carbon dioxide and temperature levels in a wide variety of air quality studies and applications. Large LCD displays CO2 level, temperature and ventilation rates in standard or metric units. Employs dual-beam, infrared gas sensor technology and operates with batteries or AC power adapter (included). Can be used with the MadgeTech series of Voltage Data Loggers to record time and date stamped, CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels as well as temperature data for graphing and detailed analysis.

This data can be used to test and verify low or substandard ventilation in buildings, offices, hospitals, schools, etc.. Sick buildings may be monitored and improvements made in ventilation systems. Poor indoor air quality complaints can be verified. Performance of heating and air conditioning systems can be analyzed to improve performance or diagnosed for service and repairs. Energy saving opportunities can be identified in over-ventilated spaces. CO2 and temperature data are also useful in agricultural, plant growth and greenhouse design applications and studies. *(Data loggers are not included.)

They are optional and not required to operate the 7001-CO2 Monitor. The Volt101A is a single channel data logger and can record either temperature or CO2 data. To record both CO2 and temperature data, a QuadVolt or OctVolt multi-channel data logger is needed.


Note: European customers should choose the 7001-CO2-EU model under the ordering information. This model includes a wall mounted 220V power adapter.


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