Model 2707 is a compact transistorized electronic galvanometer using a battery. With sensitivity of 10 µV/div., this instrument is highly suited to field measurements and as an indicator for complex measuring instruments.

  • 10µV div. Sensitivity
  • Stable measurement Zero drift as low as 1µV/h or 1µV/20°C
  • 300 hours battery life
  • Overload protection circuit
Measuring Range ±250μV+20-10
Voltage Sensitivity 10µV/div. ±10%
Maximum Sensitivity 10µV/div. ±10%
Response Time Approx. 3 seconds
Common Mode Rejection More then 140 dB at DC and commercial frequencies (50 and 60 Hz)
Normal Mode Rejection More then 60 dB
Vibration of Pointer Unrecognizable
Drift Less then ±1µV/10 Minutes or ±2µV/20°C
Max. Allowable Input 5V
Insulation Resistance Approx. 9kΩ
Power Source One 9V Battery (JIS 6F22 or Equivalent)
Life of Battery Approx. 300 hours when continuously used
Dimensions 113 x 106 x 46 mm
4 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 1 7/8 in
Weight 1 lbs
0.45 kg



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