CS1200 FA 410 from -80 to 20°Ctd dew point transmitters

Category: Dew point meters

CS FA 410 - the ideal dew point sensor for monitoring membrane and adsorption dryers. Typical use in compressed air dryers/granulate dryers at very low dew points to -80°C.

Special features

  • Measuring range -80...20°Ctd
  • Extremely long-term stable
  • Analogue output 4...20 mA
  • Condensation insensitive
  • Quick response time
  • Pressure-tight up to 350 bar (special version)

Measuring range:

-80...20°Ctd resp.


± 1°C at 20...-20°Ctd
± 2°C at -20...-50°Ctd
± 3°C at -50...-80°Ctd

Pressure range:

-1...50 bar
special version up to 350 bar

Power Supply:

24 VDC (16...30 VDC)

Protection class:

IP 65


according to DIN EN 61326

Operating temp.:



M12, 5-pole

PC connection:

SDI interface

Analogue output:

4...20 mA = -80...20°Ctd resp.
4...20 mA = -20...50°Ctd

Burden for analogue output:

< 500 Ohm

Screw-in thread:

G 1/2"


Ø 30 mm, length approx. 130 mm

Via service software:
- choose units:

- scaling

% RH, °Ctd, g/m³, mg/m³,
ppm V/V

change 4...20 mA

Special version:

4...20 mA, 2-wire technology



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