Sew 506 EL

● High quality movement.
● Compact and lightweight; easy to use and store.
● Mirror scale: for easier viewing & reading.
● Built-in stand makes reading and measuring easy.
● 200μA full scale value.
● Fuse-protected.
● Low battery indication.
AC Leakage Current    
Measuring range 0.3mA-1mA-3mA-10mA-30mA
Accuracy ±2% of full scale
Input resistance 1.5k
AC Voltage    
Measuring range 0-300 / 0-600V
Accuracy ±2% of full scale
Input resistance 300V     1M
600V     2M
Low battery indication Battery check indicate good battery from 7Vdc to
9Vdc during a load test of 2mA
Dimensions 160(L) × 100(W) × 45(D)mm
Weight (battery included) Approx. 360g
Power source 9V(6F22) × 1
Safety standard EN 61010-1 CAT III 600V
EN 61326-1


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