Gas Leak Detectors

In common usage, a gas leak refers to a leak of natural gas, from a pipe or other containment, into a living area or any other area where the gas should not be. As natural gas may explode when exposed to flame or sparks, this situation is dangerous. 

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1. Detect leaks in automobile exhaust and fuel system. 2. Detect leaks in liquid or gas fired heating systems. 3. Safety checks at propane filling stations. 4. Search for arson residue (detects accelerants). 5. Detect fuel in marine bilges. 6. Check manholes/sewers for safety. 7. Check for cracked heat exchangers. 8. Detect solvent residue.

CEN0002-382 Refrigerant Leakage Detector (With Air Pump)   CEN0002-382 is a perfect tool for air-condition system maintaining. The operation interface is intuitive with button, light bar and sound. The “air sucking system” greatly help the sensitivity and response time. The “auto-reset” function can help the operator to distinguish the leaking spot among the already spreading refrigerant while maintain high sensitivity.

electronic gas leak detector with flexible measurement probe, mains charger and earphones Optical and audible alarm with bar display for increasing and dangerous gas concentrations Integrated pump Trend display shows maximum leakage Flexible measurement probe for inaccessible places Meas. range10 ppm to 4,0 Vol. % CH4 10 ppm to 1,9 Vol. % C3H8 10 ppm to 4,0 Vol. % H21st alarm limit200 ppm CH4 100 ppm C3H8 200 ppm H22nd alarm limit10.000 ppm CH4 5.000 ppm C3H8 10.000 ppm H2Battery life6 h

Track Gas Leak Detector can detector mixture 5% Hydrogen (H2) + 95% Nitrogen (N) with extremely sensitivity. The unit is built in newly developed heated semi-conductor sensor and microprocessor control to provide reliable digital signal processing. Adjustable leak sensitivity level and 7 LED visual indicators also offer the users the ease and convenience of operations. Features:  Microprocessor control with advanced digital signal processing Multi color visual display High-Low leak sensitivity selector Low battery indication Semiconductor gas sensor Detection of Hydrogen   15” (39cm) flexible stainless probe Ambient concentration reset         Specifications:   Detectable Gases: 5% Hydrogen (H2) + 95% Nitrogen (N) Sensitivity: 5ppm; 2g/year Alarm Method: Buzzer alarm, LED bar Indicator Detection Tube Length: 15 inch (390mm) Warm-Up Time: 45 sec Battery: 1.5V AA x 4 Dimensions: 173 x 66 x 56mm Weight: 400g *The specifications are subjects to change without...

Either Semiconductor or Infrared technologies are applied to this product family. Unlike the conventional semiconductor one, the infrared leak detector not only last longer but provide the contamination model to detect the smallest leak. Both type have 3 adjustable sensitivity levels and LET tip light. They start up with noticeable start-up melody (312/316) and easy recharged with USB power adaptor (312/316). The multiple colors LED are easy for users to identify the leak levels.