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testo 327-1 O2 is your introductory instrument to flue gas analysis. It measures combustion resistance, °C, O2, CO2 and flue draught. The strong LED background light in the 4 line display guarantees an easy-to-read display even if lighting conditions are unfavourable. The analyser stands out on account of its easy menu navigation and ergonomic housing as well as its durability.

Thanks to the new instrument functions, the Testo flue gas analyzers of the new testo 330-LL series now offer you even more professional and reliable support. These are the main features: • High-resolution colour display for the graphic representation of your measurement data • Extended measurement menus – such as gas pipe testing – for a comprehensive analysis of your heating system • Logger function for easy long-term recording of the measurement curve • Graphic processing of measurement data • Instrument diagnosis function uses easy „traffic light’’ presentation to enable comprehensive instrument diagnosis • Pressure measurement up to 300 mbar • User-defined fuels • TÜV-tested according to 1. BImSchV / EN 50379 Part 2 for O2, °C, hPa and CO with H2-compensation • Powerful memory management: 500,000 readings • IrDa/ Bluetooth interface for data transfer to Pocket-PC / laptop / printer • USB interface for data readout to a PC software • ZIV (Central Guild Association) driver for all standard industry software packages

testo 308 is the instrument for easy electronic soot count measurement. It records the soot count digitally to one decimal space with constant sampling. The powerful LED backlighting guarantees good legibility even under poor light conditions. The instrument excels through its easy menu structure and ergonomic pistol grip. testo 308 achieves high accuracy thanks to the heating of the measurement spot, thus avoiding measurement errors due to condensation. The infrared interface allows wireless communication with an IrDa printer, a flue gas analyzer and a Pocket PC. Easy, self-explanatory menu Clear segment display LED display illumination Easy IR printout Integrated condensate trap (evacuable) Integrated dirt filter (exchangeable) TÜV tested Additional soot count determination on filter paper Li-ion battery, (2600 mA, 45 individual measurements), chargeable inside or outside the instrument Operation with mains unit possible Battery and charger from testo 327 and testo 330 can be used BLUETOOTH interface (optional)* Easy exchange of soot filter roll Spare battery chargeable separately or in...

testo 340 flue gas analyzer, incl. rechargeable battery, calibration protocol and carrying strap, equipped with O2 sensor, integrated flow/differential pressure measurement measurement range extension for Single dilution slot or optional for all sensors pressure-/ flow-measurement standard in every testo 340 automatic flow-controlled gas pump 18 standard fuels and additional 10 user-defined fuels – Fuel data is calculated using software easyEmission

testo 350 analyzer box, equipped with O2, incl. differential pressure sensor, temperature probe input Type K NiCr-Ni and Type S Pt10Rh-Pt, connection Testo databus, rech. battery, integrated combustion air probe (NTC), trigger input, measurement data store, USB interface, updatable to max. 6 gas sensors selected from CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2, SO2, CO2 NDIR, CxHy, H2S Innovative: The application-guided operation with helpful instrument pre-settings Elegant and clear: The large colour graphic display Robust design: The sealed housing makes the testo 350 insensitive to knocks and dirt Cost and time-savings: The new service concept offers fast access to wearing parts

testo 350 Control Unit, displays measurement values and controls analyzer box, incl. rech. battery, measurement data store, USB interface and connection for Testo databus Operation of the analyzer box and transfer of the measurement data even when the flue gas pipe and the adjustment site are separated, especiall helpful for industrial burners, for example. Measurement data can be transferred from the analyzer box to the control unit. This means the analyzer box can remain at the measurement site for further measurements, and the control unit taken away in order to process the measurement data. In order to protect the display in measurements over a longer period or during transport to different measurement sites in a system, the control unit can be attached to the analyzer box face-down.

With 3m Sampling pump for confined space/remote testing H2S: 0 – 200 ppm (1 ppm increments) CO: 0 – 1000 ppm (1 ppm increments) O2: 0 – 30.0% vol. (0.1% vol. increments) LEL (combustible): 0 – 100% LEL (1% LEL increments) or 0 – 5.0% v/v methane JKR Approved/Worldwide Acceptance/OSHA Compliance  

Monitor up to 5 gases simultaneously IP66/67 rating for moisture/dirt protection Concussion-proof boot for greater durability Optional attachable/removable sampling pump