• 0-4000ppm CO2 NDIR
  • 0-1000ppm CO Galvanic cell sensor
  • 0-30% Oxygen Galvanic cell sensor
  • 10-95% RH --- -25 to 48C dewpoint *0-50C
  • ALARMS with beeper
  • Record information 2 sec to 8 hours - data to SD card (card is optional extra)
  • Transfer to PC with spread sheet analysis (or USB download and optional PC software)
  • Comes as kit with all probes and carry case

Air quality is important for productivity, safety and achieving optimum settings on ventilation and fresh air entry in HVAC control systems.This is an economical solution for determining base conditions and the effects of changes in control settings. Accuracy is sufficient for this purpose and the kit is supplied with sensors and carry case - just add an SD card up to 16Gb capacity. Data is transferred to a PC on the SD card and can be analysed directly using a standard spread sheet program.


  1. Real time recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be down

load to the Excel, extra software is no need.

  1. Air quality measurement application, multi-function : CO2 (Carbon dioxide ),

CO ( Carbon monoxide ), O2 ( Oxygen in air ), Humidity,  temperature


  1. CO2 range : 0 to 4,000 ppm x 1 ppm.
  2. O2 range : 0 to 30.0 % x 0.1 %.
  3. CO range : 0 to 1,000 ppm x 1 ppm.
  4. Humidity range: 10 to 95 %RH.
  5. Dew point : -25.3 to 48.9 C. C & F selectable.
  6. Temp. range : 0 to 50.0 C. C & F selectable.
  7. CO2 sensor : NDIR, long term reliability.

10. CO, O2 sensor :  Galvanic cell type.

11. Humidity sensor : Precision capacitance sensor

12. Alarm setting with the beeper sound output.

13. Sampling time for data recorder is 2 seconds to 8 hours.

14. Complete set with 4 probes :

CO2/Temp. probe, O2/Temp. probe, CO/Temp. probe, Humidity/Temp. probe,

main meter and the hard carrying case.

15. Meter can cooperate with 2 GB to 16 GB SD card, SD card is optional.

16. RS232/USB computer interface.



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